Woman unable to shower or wash for two weeks in ‘disgusting’ home repair nightmare

Barbara Brown has been left with no shower or sink, and a wobbly toilet for over two weeks, after Leeds City Council sent round a maintenance worker whenr she complained of a leak

A woman battling the council for bathroom repairs has been left unable to shower or wash at home for over two weeks.

Barbara Brown complained about leaks to Leeds City Council at the end of October, prompting the authority to send a maintenance person round 15 days ago.

Since then she has been left with no shower or sink, and a wobbly toilet for over two weeks, Leeds Live reported.

Barbara has been showering at her friend’s home since then.

“All the tiles that have been put up are different coloured tiles and all different sizes, it’s disgusting work, a two-year-old could have done better,” the resident said.

She also alleges the sink has been on her hall floor for over a week, and she can’t understand why the council hasn’t fixed it in place yet.

Her shower was also supposed to be moved so that the pipe work wasn’t a mess, but Barbara says none of this has been done.

She continued: “It’s ridiculous. They are really bad.

“I was happy for about for or five days and then I walked in bathroom after they left and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“I have been feeding them cups of tea and Kit-Kats all week, I wondered why they wouldn’t look me in the eye now I can see why.”

Barbara claims when she complained to the council a member told her “this isn’t good enough, don’t worry, this will all be sorted Monday morning” and “everything will be done, don’t worry.”

However, Barbara says it has now been 15 days and she still can’t use her own shower.

She also claims multiple workmen have been coming in and out of her home constantly, without her even knowing.

But as a critically vulnerable resident she has had to have a mask on and keep the windows open – which she says the workmen keep closing.

Barbara also says her wallpaper is being damaged by work tools left lent against her walls and dirty hands leaving marks.

She said: “No one cares, they look at me like I’m stupid.”

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said: “We are currently working with the resident to resolve the issues in her home however it is regrettable that the completion of the work has taken longer than anticipated to complete.

“We would like to apologise that this has been the case. Work has now been completed and we will continue to liaise with the resident to ensure that their complaint is satisfactorily resolved.”