If you can’t play Halo Infinite right now, you’re not alone

Microsoft surprise-launched Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer beta on Monday, but if you’re having trouble jumping into the game, you’re not the only one.

According to Brian Jarrard, Halo community director at 343 Industries, some players playing on Xbox or from the Windows store are “likely hitting some blue screens / errors” while trying to launch the game. “The build is still publishing and rolling out, expected to resolve in due time,” he said.

The Xbox support Twitter account also acknowledged issues in a now-deleted tweet, saying that some people might be having trouble downloading and launching the game. In that tweet, the company suggested rebooting your console to try and fix the problem.

I had been running into the blue screen problem while trying to play on my Xbox Series X. But as I was writing this article, I tried to open the Halo Infinite again, and it finally kicked off the update that looks to be installing the full multiplayer. The update comes in at 25.90GB for me.

And that makes sense, as Jarrard said in a tweet shortly after we published this article that “we’re getting reports this issue should be mostly resolved.” He similarly recommended restarting your Xbox or relaunching Xbox Game Pass for PC if you are still seeing the blue screen on Halo Infinite. The Halo support Twitter account has also shared good news, saying that you should be able to download the beta.